Trade Law Support Service

Lexbridge is proud to announce that our firm has partnered with the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) to establish the ACCI-Lexbridge Trade Law Support Service.  The ACCI-Lexbridge Trade Law Support Service aims to leverage Lexbridge’s unique expertise in trade and investment law issues to advise Australian businesses on maximising the benefits flowing from Australia’s Free Trade Agreements (FTAs).

Do you want to use Australia’s FTAs for imports, exports, services, or investment, but don’t understand the legal processes or red tape? If you already use trade agreements, do you want to maximise their benefits for your business?  The Trade Law Support Service assists businesses to navigate the complex legal processes and rules under Australia’s FTAs, whether you’re an exporter, importer or investor.

The ACCI-Lexbridge Trade Law Support Service provides legal assistance on a range of matters, including:

– Explaining entitlements to treatment under trade agreements (including market access and non-discrimination obligations and protection for investments);

– For goods trade: assessing eligibility for a preferential tariff under trade agreements, and if so, identifying the applicable rate and any requirements to claim the preferential tariff;

– For services trade and investors: identifying whether you are entitled to preferential market access under trade agreements;

– Advising on behind-the-border regulations and technical barriers to trade;

– Advising on protections for intellectual property

– Explaining any available dispute settlement options under trade agreements

– Explaining the meaning and effect of any other part of trade agreements; and – Offering broader advice to help you take advantage of trade and investment opportunities.

For more information, download the ACCI-Lexbridge Trade Law Support Service flyer here or email:

ACCI-Lexbridge Trade Law Support Service