Our clients

Our clients are governments, international organisations, and businesses in the Asia Pacific and around the world.


In a globalised world, international law impacts on virtually every aspect of government. It is critical for governments to understand their rights and obligations on the international plane in order to promote their national interest and shape the agenda in the international system. We advise and serve both central and provincial level governments in every region of the world.


International law is increasingly impacting on the way global companies do business. But the impact of international law impacts on business interests differently from government interests - commitments in trade and investment agreements are key examples. International law is also increasingly affecting business outside of the traditional economic areas including in relation to climate change and environmental obligations, human rights and security. LexBridge helps businesses understand the impact of international obligations and current inter-governmental negotiations across a wide range of sectors, including mining, finance, education, shipping, aviation, telecommunications, fishing, defence, technology and manufacturing. We advise businesses on how to turn international commitments into a competitive advantage, and mitigate cross-border risks.

Inter-government organisations (IGOs)

Due to their increasing importance in the international sphere, IGOs are now subject to a complex regime of international rules. IGOs are critical actors in the international legal system; they are involved in the interpretation and implementation of international law, and are strong advocates for its promotion and development. LexBridge provides services to global and regional IGOs performing a wide range of functions.

Non-government organisations (NGOs)

From humanitarian relief and environmental protection, to human rights advocacy and disarmament, NGOs play a vital role in the international system in a wide variety of areas –. International law can be a powerful component of NGO advocacy. LexBridge supports NGOs in understanding the implications of international law to their fields of operation and shape the global agenda as it relates to their mission.

Development agencies

The work of development agencies at both the national and international level in justice sector and rule of law reform and capacity-building can often have a close connection with international law – for example, in negotiations related to joining a treaty or developing programs and policies to fulfil treaty obligations. LexBridge combines deep international law expertise with strategic insight to deliver justice sector implementation and reform projects, and capacity building and training with a public international law focus across a range of countries for national and international aid agencies.