Training available through the Facility

A team of experienced public international lawyers is available to provide free introductory training workshops to civil servants of governments in the Asia-Pacific region in the key areas of public international law that cut across their responsibilities. The APIL training has been designed to focus on the practical needs of government officials.

Training workshops can range from short introductory seminars on fundamental aspects of practical public international law issues, brief updates on current developments through to detailed workshops over a number of days or weeks, depending on needs. They are tailored to meet the specific needs and interests in every case. Introductory workshops are provided free and more comprehensive programmes are available at discounted rates.

Topics include:
• Fundamentals of public international law and treaties
• International negotiating strategies
• Domestic implementation of international law
• International trade law: including WTO and Free Trade Agreements
• International investment law and investor-state dispute settlement
• International environmental law
• International human rights law
• International humanitarian law
• International refugee law
• International dispute resolution


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